Why only focus on the health and fitness of your body?  We know we can do the same for your brain.

The future of your organisation lies in the brain power of your employees!  Do you know and understand the Cognitive Brain Health Status of your organisation?

​Behavioural Economics has only recently garnered enough attention to be recognised as a rigorous discipline. A discipline that potentially influence perspectives of:

  • Decision Making

  • Ability to Compete

  • People Risk Management

Why not invest in the understanding of your current Cognitive Status and strategise for an improved future state?

Cognitive Health Status is part of a Director's core duties.

We offer a full suite of Cognitive Instruments, supported by a rigorous trail of academic White Paper- and clinical studies, and strengthened by continuous development through an international in-house Research Institute.

We are also part of the largest one-on-one Cognitive Development Organisation in the world, combined with our in-house industry experience exceeding 100 years of intense knowledge.

We offer:

  • Individual Cognitive Testing through a Gold Standard Cognitive Test

  • Pairs Cognitive Testing & Profiling

  • Team Cognitive Testing & Profiling

  • Intense Cognitive Development Suite of Programs (one-on-one brain development)

  • Post-training Cognitive Testing

A pro-4th Industrial Revolution People Development Program Initiative.

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