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HR Outsourcing
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Organisations are brought to life by the commitment, the industry and the energy of its people.

Responding to the heart of any Organisation. The necessity and capability to manage people related to data, to motivate, to inspire and develop a workforce to make a positive impact on Individual-, Team- and Organisational PERFORMANCE is changing and is becoming more complex than ever before.

HRO services are ideally placed to support the individual within the framework of the Organisation in defining and fostering an Organisational culture where change is embraced rather than resisted, and where employees share a flexible and agile mindset than can respond and adapt to evolving and emerging trends and technologies.

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Resoucing & Placement
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Linking great people to great jobs.

We source the best skills and competencies, optimising the client's results.

Increasing competition in the global sphere with online across the globe capabilities impacting on how we work. Skilled Knowledge workers is an essential component of all global contemporary organisations and their future success.

We live in an era where Employees are likely to work in a significantly more complex, interconnected, unpredictable and ever-evolving environment - add pronounced team work and virtual organisational structure to this mix.

Considering the jobs that did not exist 10 years ago, there is serious contention as to the job types and skill types that will be needed in the next 5 to 10 years.

Our service is a Global Resourcing and Placement model; we collaborate across the globe with only the best in our industry to offer you, the client, a skills view of the world.

Training & Development
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Better Brain = Better Business.

We offer Neuro-cognitive Science as the foundation to our Learning and Development service offering.

Our products are innovative and can be customised to service client-specific requirements.

We are a uniquely placed collaborative professional team of Learning and Development Specialists.


Our service model include, but is not limited to:

  • Scientific learning model development

  • Exceptional Facilitators of blended learning model design

  • Leading in on-demand learning model development and execution

  • Specialist Micro-learning Model development and execution

We focus on the value of the BRAIN - Cognitive  Neuro-science based.

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Train the BRAIN. Get SMART.

We help individuals, teams and organisations think faster, solve complex problems quicker, adapt to change easier, master new/hard tasks faster, and perform at a constant elite level of achievement.

Around the world, every day of work, employees arrive at their place of work with their unique brains powered by some 86 billion neurons.

Life and learning changes the structure and function of the brain. The creation, strengthening and pruning of neural connections are key to the process of Life and Learning and Development.

This concept, known as neuroplasticity, is foundational to the understanding that the brain can be developed and improved.

The opposite is also true. Life in general and outdated Learning and Development can have a negative effect on individual and team 'brain performance', willingness to change, ability to be agile, and will impact on the individual or team's relevance in the organisation or industry.

Our SMART commitment to our clients:

Scalability  Mastery  Agility  Relevance  Thinkers 

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