Measure and Improve Your Thinking for Better Results


The HBDI®  - Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument


Learn how thinking drives your performance

We all have different ways we prefer to think. We also have the ability to adapt our thinking to:

  • Communicate with those who have similar preferences as well as those who think differently

  • Improve decision making and problem solving

  • Appreciate diverse thinking preferences and how they contribute to outcomes

  • See beyond mental blind spots to reach breakthrough results

The assessment to measure your own, your team or your organisation's thinking; evaluates and describes degrees of preference for thinking in each of the four quadrants of the Whole Brain® Model.

HBDI® Overview 

Highly Validated

  • Test-retest reliability

  • Internal construct reliability

  • High face validity

Easy to Understand, Remember and Apply

  • Created to solve problems in a business environment

  • Designed for application so people can quickly benefit

  • Can describe a variety of mental processes, from individual and team preferences to customer viewpoints and corporate culture

Positive and Constructive

  • Brain-based premise emphasizes ability to think across the spectrum of preferences

  • Doesn't label, limit or put people into 'types'

Foundation for Increasing Thinking Agility

  • Employee, leadership and team performance

  • Talent management and engagement

  • Sales, service and marketing effectiveness

A pro-4th Industrial Revolution People Development Program Initiative.

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