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The Work Revolution 2020

Savile Row - Work From Home Survey

About the Survey:

Large global events change the course of history. Covid-19 is one of

those events and it has certainly affected our lives in many different

ways, with one of the most prominent changes being in the way we


At Savile Row, we work with organizations to prepare themselves

for the Future of Work. But, the Future of Work a few months back seemed quite distant and removed but now, it is here right in front of us, and in our homes.

“The Covid-19 pandemic has affected our lives in many different ways, but none more so, than the transition of working from an office to suddenly having to work from home. So we asked ourselves how we can we learn from the biggest “work-from-home experiment” ever, and gather critical insight on the likely future impact on work and


In this survey, we are trying to get to answers as to how this event will change where people work from, the need for physical office space, work practices and much more.

Hopefully, our insights will give organizations useful information that will assist them make better strategic decisions on their real estate commitments, and future work

style policies.”

Adrian Davidson, Design Director & Co-Founder of Savile Row Tailored Environments

Click here to download a copy of the Survey:

The Work Revolution 2020 Savile Row WFH
Download • 8.49MB

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